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Who are you?
Chris Pavlina to my face, or c4757p to my network adapter. (I frequent #kicad on Freenode and op #eevblog on AfterNET these days). I'm an EE student and a reformed CS student. I build hardware and software for myself, and lately, work on KiCad development.
What do you do here?
I make analog and digital hardware, and a bit of software, and share it with you. Most of it is free.
What are you using to generate these pages?
M4 and a Makefile, as God intended. Have a look: Makefile, sources, includes.
Your site is ugly.
So are you.
No really, it looks like shit.
Browser compatibility issue? Try beating the CSS with a hammer. If that fails, feel free to let me know. Shouldn't be anything too weird in it, though.

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