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GitHub: cpavlina/esh

esh is a lightweight command shell for embedded applications, small enough to be used for (and intended for) debug UART consoles on microcontrollers.

bomtool [WIP]

GitHub: cpavlina/bomtool

bomtool is a KiCad/DigiKey BOM (Bill Of Materials) manager. It lets you specify parts in a KiCad schematic like this:

RES SMD 20k 1% [0402]
CAP MLCC 33nF 5% 25V ≥X5R [0603]
BEAD SMD 100 @100MHz 2A [1206]

bomtool will then open a browser and drive DigiKey's parametric search to find the parts for you. It does more — check out the documentation!

Written by Chris Pavlina. CC0 1.0 Universal

Last modified: Tue Jul 19 23:07:15 EDT 2016